4.5 km to go…

The end of the line...nearly


New fork in Larsen C’s rift

A new fork has appeared, almost overnight, in the crack on Larsen C. Could this mean the iceberg-to-be is going to break off any day now?


Hammering the Trend

This is an extremely interesting consideration of the validity and robustness of trends estimated from limited numbers of data points. The jury is still out on the magnitude and even direction of temperature trends on the Antarctic Peninsula – clearly the need for further research and data collection is ever more pressing.

Open Mind

I tend to hammer away at the concept of trend. Like many, I’m especially interested in whether, and if so when, trends have changed.

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Larsen C’s atmosphere and climate: a summary

A summary of my PhD research, as published on SciEnvy's blog today.


Antarctic ice shelf melt trajectories out to 2100: Trusel et al. (2015)

Trusel et al. use RACMO2 to project ice shelf melt rates across Antarctica.


Why Larsen C?

The Antarctic Peninsula is one of the most rapidly warming areas on Earth and contains enough ice to raise global sea level considerably.