Laying the foundations for a hindcast

How do you predict the past? Model it!

Stop being such a melt: the effect of cloud microphysics on the surface energy balance of Larsen C

If you, like most people, will never read my second thesis chapter, then this translates the science into English.


  A year ago, the megaberg, A68, broke away from Larsen C (ok, so it was more than a year ago, but I've been away... allow me). I spoke to the BBC's Jon Amos about it, and they made this snappy little video about it. Check it out: So what's happening to it now? … Continue reading A(68)nniversary

Dispatches from Davos

This week, a huge number of polar scientists across many disciplines have descended on Davos, Switzerland to attend the #Polar 2018 joint SCAR/IASC (Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research/International Arctic Science Committee) conference. It's the first time in many years where scientists working on polar science at opposite ends of the earth have been able to … Continue reading Dispatches from Davos