MASIN diary

All the MASIN flying is done for the season now – it’s been amazing, and I’m very grateful to have been a part of it. I’ve learned a hell of a lot, and it’s hugely increased my understanding of the aircraft data that I work with every day in my normal work life.

Airborne meteorology is an extremely exciting and cutting-edge area of science. We’re working on areas at the forefront of physical science that have far-reaching consequences in ocean, atmospheric and climate sciences.

You can read the day-by-day account written by Russ here and of course my official BAS blog is here.

MASIN team
The MASIN squad (from left): Russ Ladkin, instrument engineer and all-round technical whizz; Tom Lachlan-Cope, cloud scientist and Antarctic seasonaire; Jon Bowland, pilot and low-level bantermeister; me (Ella Gilbert), PhD student-turned met observer; and Alexandra Weiss, flux and boundary layer specialist and mastermind of the atmospheric side of the ORCHESTRA project. And last but not least, VP-FAZ, the aircraft that hosts the payload of instruments that makes up MASIN, of course.



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